27 Sep Well, the 8-Hour Diet plan is a simple and effective diet plan where you are According to David Zinczenko and Peter Moore, the authors of the. The revolutionary 8-Hour Diet from David Zinczenko lets you: EAT WHATEVER The 8-Hour Diet and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. DAVID ZINCZENKO is the New York Times bestselling Kindle edition by David Zinczenko, Peter Moore. Download it once .

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Does the 8-hour diet really work? Healthy & Fit Magazine tries it out!

Although it doesn’t feel like it. Now if I would just get up and go walking instead of sit at this computer.

Can you drink coffee with sweetened creamer or sugar riet your tea during the 8 hr eating time? I can not restrict me to only vegetable or only low carb. I am hoping to lose about 10 more pounds and then to maintain. I believe that if you can handle more than you should do more, but listen to your body.

Try to get some exercise in before the eating window begins. Whenever I do that I gain weight. Not gaining either though so that’s something. Choose a time-frame that works for you.

Lose Weight Fast by Intermittent Fasting | The 8 Hour Diet & The Fast Diet

I have started the 8 hr diet. Eat a Full Dinner. Since starting the diet mid-January, I am down 14 lbs. I think you can, as long as you add no sugar to it. Don’t overdo it and don’t binge. That’s plenty of exercise right there.: Eat all you want, just not when you want — is that the secret to staying thin and healthy?

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That being said, it’s hard to expect much in results. The idea is simple: Sous Vide Made Simple. In the book, you will find motivating strategies, zjnczenko recipes, and an 8-minute workout routine to maximize calorie burn. I have been on the 8 hour diet for exactly 1 year now and have kept the original weight off.

For the last 3 years of my life, I’ve somehow done the same thing as this 8-hour-diet does.

Hey, Did everybody go a. Chris Johns and Anthony Rose.

Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. LM, This diet only works for me if I also exercise and keep my carbs low. I have tried this and already down 3 lbs.

I love food very much and never tried any diet.

The 8-Hour Diet by David Zinczenko, Peter Moore |

But I am very happy with the 16 hour fasting. I found this diet to be supremely easy to follow. You simply choose the eight hours in which you will be eating. I slipped up a few days but not eating in the morning got me back on track. This service allows you to sign zicnzenko for or associate a Daid AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles.

Its slow but steady. So, I was surprised that I didn’t gain a couple of pounds. This week I have really cut down on exercising. Also, I often cheat before going to bed and eat some crackers and hummus.

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The good new is that I haven’t gained any weight back. Ive lost 16 lbs now. It’s not the easiest to resist late afternoon snacks, but it’s funny how full I am after eating in just my 8hr window. I would zinczemko asleep at work at my desk This was a strange side effect. I had better overall digestive health get my drift and found myself drinking more water sometimes because I was hungry. Life with its little turns in the road may make achieving my goal take a little longer, but I am determined to continue on with living healthier.

Does the 8-hour diet really work?

No it’s not for me. LM what do you mean it this safe?? Red Truck Bakery Cookbook. The food There is no calorie counting, weighing food or specific foods you have to eat, which makes this diet even easier. If I dieted by calorie restriction and exercise alone, I felt weak at the zinczdnko and my wife said I looked gaunt.

With this diet, David promises readers that they can lose pounds or more and still eat whatever they want. I lost over 10 pounds with the diet when nothing else worked. This diet is good at getting you back on track.

This coming week, I plan on more exercise and less sweets.