Compre o livro A Reclusive Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. Heart (Inglês). por R.L. Mathewson (Autor). She sold her company, signed a contract and was determined to live it up. Only problem, she was a bit of a recluse, painfully shy, kind of clumsy and didn’t know . Under the Covers book blog reviews the second in the Hollywood Hearts series, A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson.

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Shoving it down my throat w page and having him mentally justify it was just annoying. He needs to be Phew! Ok so he was a total jerk to start off with but I knew he would start to act better once he fell for Jamie, and I was right.

Some of the romance novels that I read were great and I couldn’t get enough, I started to play with the idea of writing a book. Come A Little Bit Closer: Nick and Jamie find they have become friends and things proceed slowly as the book tour they’re on progresses.

RL for being one of my inspirations. Her chocolate addiction an Another hilarious book from R. She didn’t intend to tell Nick but a small issue with a porn virus on her laptop clues Nick in. Her chocolate addiction and innocent naivety were very enduring although her being a pushover was annoying to me at first.

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reclusiive Open Preview See a Problem? I loved how Nick warms to her despite his own hellish upbringing and his resolve to never get entangled in a relationship. He’s just that good.

Nick started off as reckusive overbearing, demanding, intimidating jerk but once he started to fall for Jamie, his temperament improved. But he has a lot of character development and becomes a likeable character towards the end. So, to fill the time I started to read again. He grew up in a broken home and he knew that he could not love or be in love with anyone but Sep 23, Tina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have officially fallen in love with this author’s writing style. Nick is an arrogant, womanizer focused solely on advancing his career.

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I still enjoyed this story, but not as much as the Neighbors From Hell series. Another FAB book from R. I did not see any transformation. Jamie is a very shy and downtrodden woman. When the story begins, Nick is a conceited prick that doesn’t think about how his actions affect others just as long as he can keep any of the backlash from hitting reclhsive. I had thought things could not get better than Edward, but they did. It was a good thing that she met Nick and introduced her to her mother.

Later as the story progresses, Nick starts calling Jamie “his little recluse” and it’s said with much more caring and affection.

Before I tried my hand at writing I was a receptionist, cafeteria worker at the college I attended, museum worker, bellhop, and about a dozen other different things that are pretty embarrassing so we’re just going to skip over those things and pretend that they never happened ;D At some point I got a little direction in my life and tried my hand at emergency medic Hello, my name is R.

It has a makeover but its still realistic. Thankfully she has a very sexy, very determined editor to help her along the way. Well, that and I’m pretty laid back and don’t want to be hassled with contractual obligations. She was everything he could ever want, popular and in demand, but unfortunately for him the author that he needed to make a name for himself was also a little recluse who wasn’t doing what he needed her to do.

Feb 15, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enter Nick, Nick playboy and flirt is amused by the baggy closed, bottle glasses, frizzy haired new hire at Rerum.

When her life takes a bad turn thanks for her horrible sisterJamie decides it’s time for a change. Lots of characters are. He will help check those items off one by one and she will commit to giving her all with the book engagement.

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My laughing woke up my husband because I couldn’t get control of myself!! Needless to say I was done with it in one setting. While their relationship is developing they do have a few issues to deal with, like her family being totally horrible excuses for human beings and someone sending her death threats.

The Arrangement 7 The Ferro Family. Comece a ler A Reclusive Heart no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto.

A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts 2)

Fortunately, I kept reading and Nick gets much better as the book progresses and by the end I really liked him and Jamie gets more of a backbone as well and I found I really liked her too. Nick also is convinced he can’t sleep with Jamie because of his rules no sleeping with co-workers and no sleeping with the same woman twiceknowing that if he did, he’d just end up hurting Jamie. Nick and Jamie were great fun. Jamie is desperate enough that she agrees, thinking at least she’ll have someone to do things with since she’s so shy she hates going places alone, feeling like she stands out as a freak when she’s alone.

I’d recommend this book. Jamie starts opening up as she experiences more and more on the trip and finds she wants to experience more, like sex.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Apr 01, CC rated it it was ok Shelves: It had everything to make this a really fabulous read including yummy bits!! The hero is such a manwhore. I swear can not read these books in front of people because I end up being giddy e.l.mathewson giggly, which does not help people thinking you’re a nut.