Call Control eXtensible Markup Language (CCXML) is an XML standard designed to provide Latest W3C Candidate Recommendation of CCXML · CCXML Tutorial · Free ccXML Integration Kit · Open Source Integration Kit in C++ · ccXML. 7 Nov We’re going to build on the concepts that were introduced in the first three CCXML tutorials and extend them to simple call conferencing. 24 Jun This tutorial introduces the Call Control Extensible Markup Language This tutorial implements the CCXML specification that was used for the.

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The following table lists the constants that correspond to the possible values of the state property of the connection object. It is delivered to the document which issued the request and indicates that the new session has retrieved the tutoriak initial CCXML document, parsed and has begun execution of it by sending the ccxml.

However, it must not contain a scope prefix. If the dialog was being connected to a connection the value must be undefined.

The value of the attribute must receive an internally generated unique string identifier to be associated with the completion event. The event must also be sent to the target session to provide a notification. If the attribute value is invalid, an error. Single parameter values must be supported; multiple value parameters may be supported.

A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical ccxnl can be found in the W3C technical reports index at http: If available in the interpreter, this property must be an object whose properties are the names of the attributes of the element in error.

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This event must be emitted when an incoming connection is accepted successfully, or as when an outgoing connection is answered. CCXML can be used as a third-party call control manager in any telephony system.

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The manner in which the message is displayed or ccxjl is platform-dependent. Reason that the session ended.

This property states the type of this object which must be ‘conference’. Note that the relative ordering of events from the event source being moved is not changed even as a result of such a failure.

Properties returned from the dialog processor relating to the dialogs transfer request. This attribute must not be specified in conjunction with the name attribute.

The relationship between these scopes is shown below. If the application needs access to the content outside of the fetch. Examples of such applications include:.

The events that can be generated by elements that act on connections, and the circumstances under which those events occur, are summarized in the table below. A subscriber to this service would receive a phone number to the automated service.

The fields available in the event are:. Dozens of easy-to-follow tutorials Open source sample applications Aspect Customer Care Center to search our knowledge library, collaborate with your fellow developers, and request assistance from our expert analysts. If the dialog is bridged to a connection the value must be undefined.

A tutorial on Call Control XML and voice browser call control

Its “event” attribute is a pattern that indicates a matching event type. CCXML also provides a powerful and flexible method of creating multi-party calls.

If the attribute value is invalid an error. If this attribute is present, it tutoial evaluate to true for the transition to be selected. The first draft of CCXML specification appeared in the earlyand still remains in a working draft status.

Implementations may support alternative session creation event processors so long as they do not have the type ” createsession ” which is reserved for the processor described in this section.


A dialog may be terminated when it is in the prepared state or while it is being prepared such as might be the case if the caller hangs up at some arbitrary point.

How driverless cars, hyperloop, and drones will change our travel plans. An ECMAScript expression which returns a string that is the identifier of a Connection on which an incoming call is being signaled. A connection is typically shorter than a session.

The value of each attribute property must be the corresponding string value of the attribute. We’re going to build on the concepts that were introduced in the first three Tutogial tutorials and extend them to simple call conferencing. A simple two-party call does not require the use of a conference object.

These diagrams do not show all possible scenarios but rather show some of the most common ones that CCXML applications may encounter. If the dialog was prepared without a connection, the value must be undefined.

This event is generated when a CCXML session tutoriall terminated for any reason, if the terminated session has futorial parent session. The following values can be used: For example, if the access URI for the ” basichttp ” processor is set to ” http: Each connection state constant can be used to index into this array to return the human-readable string corresponding to that constant.

In raw mode it is expected that this attribute will contain a string representation of the fetched content.