d20 modern role playing game system resources and reference documentation. d20 Modern System Reference Document. Go to the d20 System main page for information about the d20 system or check out the d20 System message. Welcome to the D20 Modern SRD. I have created this to make the navigation of the d20 Modern files easier. All information contained within those.

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There are tons of incredible rpg books available for reference; I should know, I like many of you I would assume have shelves full of them. This site will in no way substitute the complete text c20 any of the actual books, but for looking up a spell or a weapon it does well in a pinch. Because of that, I’ve rebuilt the Modern d20 System Reference Documentation as a series of web pages, utilizing indexing and cross-linking that a book simply can’t provide.

I’m making this tool public as a way of giving back to d20 modern srd community that I’ve had the d20 modern srd of being a part of for nearly 20 years. Right now I’m beginning to run a d20 Modern campaign via webcam so I’m constantly in front of my computer. Anyone got a problem with that, more than happy to oblige.

Modern d20 SRD Instructions. There’s some flaky “pages that don’t really belong anywhere” here and there and eventually we’ll want to reorganize d20 modern srd. If you happen to know of an s20 system that this kind of website d20 modern srd benefit from, please send me a note and I’ll be happy to take a look.

A r20 more hyperlinking joy: For those of us who are growing older and losing that precious commodity of free time, this site is for you. Sure hope y’all find this d20 modern srd.

Through the magic of Cascading Stylesheets, the Modern SRD d20 modern srd goes to your printer clean and untrammeled with pesky and ink-consuming images, pointless navigation aids and in glorious black-and-white! I’d like to combine as many other Sr systems as time permits to expand the reference library this site can provide.


Here’s to hoping d20 modern srd you’ll gain back some of that free time and put it into what’s important: Playing By The Rules: And even more pretty pictures. Really, just use Mozilla, okay? I think there comes a time d20 modern srd every gamer’s life where they either turn away from role playing games as a childish endeavour, or embrace them as something that they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives.

We’ll all be happier. The code itself is valid HTML 4. Ultimately, I’d like this site to be one more resource for the average gamer to utilize in their games; so they can spend less time digging, and more time d20 modern srd.

The images are most definitely the property of D20 modern srd of the Coast, and if you like them, you should run to your local game store and buy a copy of the d20 Modern rules, which include way more stuff than you can find here. Wizards of the Coast is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

d20 Resources – HTML reference documentation for d20 Open Content

Should work out okay in most browsers. Recent Changes June 16th, Now with improved printing power! So I ripped it d20 modern srd. The pictures amongst the Basic Classes pages are from the Wizards of the Coast d20 Modern art gallery, here. D20 modern srd out to lance at 12 To Midnight for the hosting. My solution is this website. I’d love to have a variety of reference sites available to users.

Short of memorizing page numbers, I needed a better way to look up rules and stats so that my players d20 modern srd have to wait for me to find something common. Mar 6th, A little more hyperlinking joy: Now with improved printing power! Thanks to the OGL, the central game engine is available to be used in just such d20 modern srd way. The Modern D20 modern srd is just the beginning though.


Thanks Shout out to lance at 12 To Midnight for the hosting. I could figure out how to fix it, but if one person starts using Mozilla because of this, my efforts won’t have been in vain. Contact You can contact me as barsoomcore at mac dot com. They updated the Modern SRD!

Thrill to the sensation today! If the left-hand navigation bar looks weirdly indented, that’s because you’re using IE and it doesn’t know how to draw CSS boxes properly.

I resized them and stored them locally to cut d20 modern srd on load time. I’ve added the eratta for the existing material and next I’ll see about adding the Urban Sdd material.

D20 Modern System Reference Document \(SRD\)

Hosted by 12 To Midnight. Future Plans Improved Hyperlinking: Props d20 modern srd Sovelior and Sage for moderj original design — I was stumped until their lovely version turned up. We’re hoping to get most of the site data-driven, so that Actions, D20 modern srd and Equipment can all be displayed individually and linked to from anywhere.

If this site has helped you, I’d love to hear from you, and I’d appreciate a kind word to the members of your group.

The problem is that with all of this d20 modern srd material, sometimes it’s simply too cumbersome to have every book on hand and available when I just need a quick rule fast.