Teach Like a Champion 62 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College [Doug Lemov, Norman Atkins] on *FREE* shipping on. Almost without exception, the philosophy underlying these programs originates in Doug Lemov’s immensely successful book, Teach Like A. The 49 techniques from the book Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov have been tested and used in the charter schools of the Uncommon.

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Still, the place for discussion in the classroom is limited. I could give you a hole host of examples – I took chsmpion lot of notes – but I’ll refrain. My current professional development training is based entirely on this book.

Again though, I wouldn’t push this on everyone. Jun 25, Jen rated it really tezch it Shelves: The more he discussed his strategies for teaching reading the more he seemed like someone obsessed with classroom control and less like someone interested in engaging students’ minds and imaginations.

He took a few more answers.

Teaching literacy is every teacher’s job. Look at the picture if you need help!

Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College by Doug Lemov

All students at Relay are either beginning full-time teachers or in residency programs developed by charter schools; most of their in-person lmov will take place at their school, and Relay coursework is done online or through weekend meetings in order to maintain a low-cost business model. The teacher asks a question and calls on a student to respond, then asks a second question. The last few chapters felt tacked on and beyond his realm of expertise.


There is also some interesting talk about why technique is important as a supplement to a teachers philosophy–he’s giving little tricks, not teaching you how to deliver material or plan your curriculum. About half the techniques have corallary video clips shown on the included DVD. She loves it, by the way This is Child psychology, Student motivation, and responsive classroom all rolled into a nice little how-to book.

I also find it wonderful that at his charter schools, they group the kids together homogenously in classes. He denigrates silent reading in class, for instance, because it is not measurable and some kids may not be reading. Even if they’re not necessarily classes that sound like the classes I’ve had. There are, of course, some caveats. Is that just him putting a thought out there?

As other reviewers have pointed out, Teach Like a Champion isn’t the Holy Grail — the one be-all and end-all book for everything. Materials All of our teachers are equipped with a laptop computer, email, internet access and all necessary instructional supplies.


I liked that the ideas were not theoretical ex: It was devastating and it forced me to rethink everything I thought I believed. It made me think about little things, too. I like this book a lot, though it will take lots of practice to actually implement the strategies with any effect.


Aside from this, when I went to the Fred Jones Tools for Teaching Seminar, he gave lots of examples of why teachers should move away from rows – and backed it up with some data as well.

Still, it’s getting me to be conscious of even the smallest details of my classroom. This morning I woke answering my questions about who Mr Hester might be. Out of the 49 tactics which ones can a Substitute roug can use for 4th-8th grade? Unfortunately, they are clouded by the book’s focus on younger kids–elementary and middle schoolers, to be precise.

Believe me, my kids would love nothing better than to read out loud. Unlike others, I don’t fault Lemov for using charter-school teachers as his exemplars. Still, to be fair, I think young teachers would do well to read and cherry-pick here. In examples of dialogue either from real lessons or hypothetical onesit is rare for a student to give a lengthy response: