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In Figure 2, the leads are pulled up by turns and this operation raised up the package. Osamu Nakayama Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc. As a result of the discussion, actual device or substrate daisy chain was selected for considering the specimen cost.

Regarding the accelerated characteristic of the life of the soldering joint, it is proposed that calculation shall be made as a simulation by calculating the heat fatigue strain at the soldering joint, not by using equation 4 eisj by the standard. Miscellaneous test methods 2 Endurance tests Test by devices D: Since the use of continuous electric resistance monitoring system is required for eiak improvement of test environment, it is not practical at present.

But, it is set ed-4072 as the subject to be discussed in the future. The directions of the specimen are defined as shown in Figures 1 to 8.

Even the same specified amount of deflection is applied, the stress on joint in the case of span 50 mm is not the same stress in the case of span 90 mm, because of the radius of curvature of PCB is not the eiak.

Bending test for surface mount devices on the board Test Method The same as before, EIAJ ED is used e-d4702 the environmental and endurance test methods for the semiconductor devices themselves, while this standard is established so that the semiconductor devices are tested and evaluated for the failures which can be assumed to occur only when the semiconductor devices are mounted on the board. Lead wire terminal is to be bended to contrary direction and plate terminal to ordinary direction, both up to 90 degrees and then back to original position with same speed.


Bond sample SMD with adhesive to a printed circuit board.

3-3 Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

Applicable drop heights are shown in Table 1. However, it is necessary for the simulation to be carried out with huge calculation using the finite element solution method. Subjecting the board to vibration of Y G at Creep test When the board is instantaneously bent due to vibration, it generates stress to the joint, leading to fatigue rupture.

And in the case of quad lead package such QFP and so on, the push load shall be applied to the middle of 2 side at different direction. This standard covers the resistances to items in these standards as the minimum requirement when semiconductor SMDs is mounted.

Procedure of the test time and the sample size determination for the life tests.

Tread Test specimen Frame tool Fixing screw Figure 1 An example of the test board fixture in the method 1. Including those amenable to surface mount by forming. If a failure occurs, check whether it is caused by the SMD itself and take appropriate action.

JEITA / JEITA Standards / Electronic Devices Standardization / Semiconductor Devices Reliability

The acceleration characteristic on the market can be calculated using equation 4. Pull strength test for soldering joint Method 3: Electrical characteristics should be checked while testing.

Table 2 Standard mount reliability test board layer configuration Types A, B, and C 1st layer 2nd layer 3rd layer 4th layer Signal path layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Signal path layer 1st layer 2nd layer 3rd layer 4th layer 5th layer 6th layer Type D Signal path layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Plane layer or mesh layer Signal path layer Note: F 20 sec 0?

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The criterion of judgement is in principle to conform with separate specification. They are to be used as the common standards of the company but the decision as whether a particular part is adopted or not is to be made by each division. Atsushi Natsume Sony Corp. In another case, daisy chained packages as a test equipment element is measured. The support must be on a flat and rigid test table so that is not affected by an applied pressure. Taking into consideration such changes of the industry, it is decided to newly establish the environmental and endurance test methods for the semiconductor devices being mounted on the board.

The board design largely depends on the terminal pitch of the mounted component.

Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

If a solder bridge is formed after soldering, change cream solder thickness, without being restricted to the above thickness. It is well known that the life of soldering becomes about a half when in particular the packages of area pin type are mounted on the same area of both sides of the board. F Maximum allowable supply voltage?

Calculation of Useful Ed-4072 Attached Paper?

And to check out limit deflection, it is discussed that to measure electrical characteristics while changing amount of deflections. Takahiro Ito Rohm Co. Tetsuji Matsuura Toshiba Corp. The position where a specimen is fixed 3.