Adult dentoalveolar trauma most often occurs in the context of sports activities and traffic accidents. Coronal fractures are the most common. Citation: Abu Samra FM () Dentoalveolar Injuries Classification- Management-Biological Consequences. J Dent Health Oral Disord Ther. Fraktur adalah hilangnya kontinuitas tulang, tulang rawan sendi, tulang rawan epifisis, baik yang bersifat total maupun yang parsial. Untuk mengetahui.

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Treatment and restoration of adult dentoalveolar trauma: A clinical case report

Keywords fractures in children; acrylic cap splint. Fraktur mengenai dentin dan belum dentoalveilar pulpa dengan atau tanpa memakai perubahan tempat. Analysis of pulp prognosis in permanent teeth with uncomplicated crown fracture with or without luxation. The physical examination revealed contusion of the lower lip, uncomplicated coronal fracture of all four upper incisors Fig.

On the first visit and under local anesthesia, we repositioned the upper right central incisor within its socket, followed by splinting to the neighboring teeth with wire and composite material 56. University Complutense of Madrid. Following stabilization of the clinical and esthetic condition dnetoalveolar the patient, and after a 5-month waiting period, CBCT evaluation of the alveolar bone fractures confirmed healing of the buccal plate.

Case Report A healthy year-old woman visited our dental clinic 24 hours after an accidental fall. Fraktur mahkota sampai akar 9 Klas IX: Hilangnya gigi sebagai akibat trauma 6 Klas VI: Traumatic dental injury umumnya merupakan kombinasi trauma jaringan lunak peri-oral, gigi, dan jaringan pendukungnya.


A healthy year-old woman visited our dental clinic 24 hours after an accidental fall. Dentoalveolre Chirurgie; Dentoalveolar surgery; Documents.

Article Tools Print this article. Effect of treatment delay upon pulp and periodontal healing of traumatic dental injuries –a review article.

Circum mandibular wiring of symphysis fracture in five year old child [Internet]. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. Introduction Adult dentoalveolar trauma is a common result of falls, sports activities, traffic frakhur, etc. Intrusive Luxation central dislocation Lepasnya gigi dari tulang alveolar disertai dengan fraktur pada soket alveolar.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Trauma dentoalveolar blog Documents. CBCT view showing of the upper central incisors, showing the alveolar fracture of the upper anterior buccal plate.

Treatment and restoration of adult dentoalveolar trauma: A clinical case report

Extrusive luxation peripheral dislocation, Partial avulsion Lepasnya gigi sebagian diluar soket alveolar Lateral luxation Lepasnya gigi pada fdaktur selain axial, biasanya disertai dengan fraktur soket alveolar. On the first visit, manual reduction of the buccal plate was carried out under local anesthesia, with repositioning of the right central incisor and splinting to the neighboring teeth. Discussion Regarding the epidemiology of dental trauma in adults, Robertson et al.

Published on Aug View Download Finucane D, Kinirons MJ.

Keywords Begg technique MTA Streptococcus mutans ameloblastoma chemotherapy chlorhexidine crossbite elderly fiber reinforced composite hemimandibulectomy hemimaxillectomy hollow bulb management nekrosis pulpa obturator perawatan saluran akar satu kunjungan protesa maksilofasial teknik Begg thermoplastic nylon trauma xylitol.

Decision making in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Subluxation Trauma pada struktur jaringan sekitar gigi disertai adanya kehilangan jaringan yang abnormal namun tidak ada peristiwa lepasnya gigi. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


fraktur dentoalveolar

In our case, after two years of follow-up, the patient remains asymptomatic, with no signs of root resorption or ankylosis of the damaged teeth. Published online Frakgur 1.

Dental trauma, extrusive luxation, dento-alveolar fracture, esthetic restoration. British journal of oral and. In conclusion, both treatment and restoration in our patient proved successful, with resolution of the dentoalveolar fractures and recovery of good esthetics frqktur the anterior sector. Lower incisor dentoalveolar compensation Documents. Lp Fraktur lp frakturFull description.

Abstract Adult dentoalveolar trauma most often occurs in the context of sports activities and traffic accidents.

Laporan Fraktur mekanika frakturFull description. The prognosis in turn is largely dependent upon the time elapsed frwktur injury 3 – External inflammatory and replacement resorption of dentoaalveolar, and avulsed replanted permanent incisors: In relation to the treatment of extrusive luxation, Oikarinen et al.

The management of such traumatisms should follow a series of protocols established for each type of situation. Splint fixation with circum mandibular wires for pediatric mandibular fracture: J Can Dent Assoc. Robertson and Andreasen concluded that periodontal ligament damage caused by luxation significantly increases the risk of necrosis 8.