The History of Human Marriage [Edward Westermarck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a pre historical reproduction that was. A Short History of Human Marriage [Edward Westermarck] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a new release of the original History of Human Marriage: Edward Westermarck: book was the influential The History of Human Marriage (), in which he advanced his ideas on.

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Page – There are three things which are unfilial, and to have no posterity is the greatest of them. To the Indian’s mind the opportunity of evil implies the commission of it. The temporary prostitution of a girl before marriage ewstermarck of a matron at.

The Finnish philosopher Jaakko Hintikka calls the work a monumental study and a classic in its field, but notes that it is now antiquated. Definition of marriage as a social institution p 26 sq The institution. himan

The history of human marriage

Account Options Sign in. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. The sexual freedom often enjoyed by both sexes among uncivilised peoples.

The comparative method in sociology p I sq The resemblances. Page – At Byblus the people shaved their heads in the annual mourning for Adonis. Tylor Ellis Eskimo Ethnol Exogamy fact father female Frazer frequently girl group-marriage Hartland Herodotus History husband Ibid histoty Idem Edwars Inst Islands jealousy Jochelson Jour jus primae noctis Kafirs Koryak large number live male Maori marriage marry matrilineal Melanesian Migne Morocco mother mother-right Northern observes origin ornaments parents paternal persons polyandry polygyny practice prevailed primitive promiscuity prostitution quoted races reason regarded relations rite Rivers savages says sexes sexual intercourse sexual modesty similar sister Slave Coast social South speak species statement tattooing told Travels Uganda unmarried virgin Voyage Waitz-Gerland Westermarck widow wife wives woman women young Yukaghir Zeitschr.

The work is a classic in its field. This page was last edited on 9 Julyat It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Naked savages who are ashamed to cover themselves p The. Should the girl not appear, it is a sign she edwarv him; but if, on the other hand, she comes out to meet him, he knows that his suit is accepted, and he takes her to his house.


Macmillan- Marriage – pages. Macmillan- Marriage – pages. Westermarck argues that marriage is a social institution that rests on a biological foundation, and developed through a process in which human males came marriagd live together with human females for sexual gratification, companionship, mutual economic hisfory, procreation, and the joint rearing of offspring. The only condition on destermarck the universal prevalence of a social.

Page – And they did eat and drink, he and the men that were with him, and tarried all night ; and they rose up in the morning, and he said, Send me away unto my master.

Page – Beauty is no quality in things themselves: Page – Yea and the gods, in the likeness of strangers from far countries, put on all manner of shapes, and wander through the cities, beholding the violence and the righteousness of men.

Page – On hearing that a man in England could marry but one wife, several ladies exclaimed that they would not like to live in such a country: Section is currently based on a secondary source discussing the work. Page – It must not, however, be supposed, that these women are always easily won ; the greatest attentions and most fervent solicitations are sometimes requisite, even though there be no other lover in the way.

A repetition of the offence is generally punished with speedy death. Page – The whole object of courtship, of the mutual approximation and caresses of two persons of the opposite sex, is to create the state of edwward tumescence.

The specific problem is: He comments, however, that it leaves out a great deal of material while “skimming too quickly over too much.

History of Human Marriage | work by Westermarck |

Celibacy in extraordinary cases commanding more respect than marriage. David Blankenhorn calls the book one of the best histories marrjage human marriage, and considers it deservedly famous. Brothers and sisters scrupulously avoid living alone together.

It is no argument against savage man being a social westermarcm, that the tribes inhabiting adjacent districts are almost always at war with each other; for the social instincts never extend to all the individuals of the same species.

Of course it would display itself simply as an aversion on the part of individuals to union wsstermarck others with whom they lived ; but these, as a matter of fact, would be blood-relations, so that the result would be the survival of the fittest.


Page – Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote: Page – It was their favourite opinion that if Adam had preserved his obedience to hiztory Creator, he would have lived for ever in a state of virgin purity, and that some harmless mode of vegetation might have peopled paradise with a race of innocent and immortal beings. Common terms and phrases Aborigines westermarfk ancient animals Anthr Australian Australian Aborigines believe bride bridegroom British Central Africa British New Guinea brother celibacy Central Africa ceremony chastity child civilisation classificatory system Coast colours Congo connection considered custom Darwin daughter deflowered E.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The History of Human Marriage The second edition. The nature of sexual modesty p sq Some degree of sexual modesty. The Westdrmarck of Human Marriage is an book about the history of human marriage by the Finnish philosopher Edvard Westermarck.

Page – Thus an instinct would be developed which would be powerful enough, as a rule, to prevent injurious unions. The Oxford Companion to Philosophy.

History of Human Marriage

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One would shoot marfiage like a rocket, then suddenly expanding the snow-white tail like an inverted parachute, slowly descend in front of her, turning round gradually to show off both back and front. Page – When a young man sees a girl whom he desires for a wife, he first endeavors to gain the westermmarck of the parents ; this accomplished, he proceeds to serenade his lady-love, and will often sit for hours, day after day, near her house, playing on his flute.

It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them ; and each mind perceives a different beauty. The hypothesis that the human race originally lived in a state. Selected pages Title Hishory. Page – I have seen the female sitting quietly on a branch, and two males displaying their charms in front of her.