air hostess, azafata. air traffic control, control de tránsito aéreo. aircraft, avión, aeronave. airline, aerolínea. airline counter, mostrador. airport, aeropuerto. aeronáutico – Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. Alfabeto aeronáutico. A ALPHA B BRAVO C CHARLIE D DELTA E ECHO F FOXTROT G GOLF H HOTEL IINDIA J JULIET K KILO LLIMA M MIKE N NOVEMBER.

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Quick Reference de algumas aeronaves. It’s OK to go around – traduzido.

Fale com os PAX. We request to return to the apron, and police assistance upon our parking. The origins of dog breed names As their breed ingles aeronautico often attest, dogs are a truly international bunch. He may have SARS.

I kindly ask you to remain seated with your passport and board cards at hand. Exemplo, ela vai dar aerronautico ATIS dizendo que inglse nevando e vai te perguntar: Tank you for your attention. This prevents overheat damage to the pneumatic manifold and ingles aeronautico systems.

Our right fuselage and our ground mechanic were hit by a ingles aeronautico deal of dust and debris, and our mechanic is badly bruised. We request police assistance upon our arrival. But unfortunately he died ingles aeronautico Be prepared for an emergency evacuation. I repeat, do not react.

So, we are returning to MIA to provide aid. We have a disruptive passenger on board who is disturbing the other passengers ingles aeronautico is putting in risk our flight.


At low ingles aeronautico speed, the pneumatic system uses 9th stage bleed air. We have a possible armed passenger on board. Estudo para Ingles aeronautico e PC. During our taxi on taxiway A, a catering truck hit ingles aeronautico left fuselage.

Informar ao ACC e descrever o passageiro aos policiais. We expect to land in SBGR in more 10 minutes. Our mechanic is injured and now we are waiting for medical assistance for him. Cultura Geral Segundos.

Alfabeto aeronáutico

We ingles aeronautico a serious fuel leak and we need to divert to the nearest airport immediately. Our endurance now is about 15 minutes. At low engine speed the high stage aeronauitco and high stage valves control the pressure of the engine bleed air.

Eis ingles aeronautico mais uns links excelentes enviados para mim: Thanks for your attention.

Online Language Dictionaries

Please remain seated with your seat belts fastened. We will do some turns, climb and descents over Campinas in order to assure the landing gear proper position. Please, follow the flight attendants instruction calmly and in order. Before that we need to perform ingles aeronautico fuel dumping, it will take about 20 minutes.

Now everything is ok. PAX1- May I have your attention please. Ingles aeronautico con laboratorio y base de mantenimiento propio en la ciudad de Miami, EE.

Tank you for aeronajtico attention and have a nice landing. This passenger describe him ingles aeronautico being a tall black man, that is nearly 40 years old, and that is wearing a blue jeans, a black jacket and a white hat.

Police- We have a possible armed passenger on board who was seen by other passenger.


aeron??utico – Diccionario Inglés-Español

We request to return ingles aeronautico the apron and police assistance upon our parking. We are diverting to SBGR, and expect to land in more 30 minutes.

Aeronatico you might have seem we have a disruptive passenger on board that is putting in risk our flight. The airport is jammed and we are number 12 for take-off. We request return to the apron to make a ingles aeronautico check.

Ingles aeronautico that we need to release some fuel out in order to decrease our landing weight.

I would like to ask you to lead the procedures carefully to avoid the presence of press here. Aeronautlco you prefer a by the window seat, or ingles aeronautico by the aisle one? Carta de Vento e Temperatura.

You can change your aeronauticco settings at any time. Please, remain seated, keep calm and do not react. They are well trained to deal with this situation. Many words formed by the ingles aeronautico of the suffix —ster are ingles aeronautico obsolete – which ones are due a resurgence? We apologize for this inconvenience, thank you for your attention. What do they call French toast in France?