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AAS 83 The Councils do not signify a hellenization of Christianity but rather the contrary. Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God 7. AAS ; DH The Congregation does not intend to judge the subjective jesucristo liberador jon sobrino of the Author, but rather has the jeducristo to call to attention to certain propositions which are not in conformity with the doctrine of the Church.

Share your thoughts with other customers. In his writing, the New Testament data gives way to a hypothetical historical reconstruction that is erroneous.

The confession of the divinity of Jesus Christ has been an absolutely essential part of the faith of the Church since her origins. Although the preoccupation of the Author for the plight of the poor is admirable, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has the obligation to indicate that the aforementioned works of Father Sobrino contain notable discrepancies with the faith of the Church. But later he affirms that there is in fact no data to suggest that Jesus granted an absolute transcendent sense to his own death.

The death of ,iberador is exemplum and not sacramentum gift. The very fact that true humanity has been revealed, contrary to all expectations, is in itself good news and therefore is already in itself salvation […].

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The Councils do not signify jfsucristo hellenization of Christianity but rather the contrary. It is only in this ecclesial faith that all other theological foundations find their correct epistemological setting. The filial and messianic consciousness of Jesus is the direct consequence of his ontology as Son of God made man.


The Author justifies his position citing the text of Hebrews The relationship between Jesus and God is not correctly expressed by saying Jesus was a believer like us. After a preliminary examination of the books Jesucristo liberador. Likewise, the Catechism of the Catholic Church jesucristl of the immediate knowledge which Jesus has of the Father: This point has an evident connection both with what is said above in number IV concerning the relationship between Jesus and the Kingdom, and what will be said in VI below concerning the salvific value that Jesus attributed to his death.

The Christological difficulties already noted in the discussion of the mystery of the Incarnation and the relationship with the Kingdom appear here anew. Jesucristo liberador jon sobrino there is no foundation jesucristo liberador jon sobrino calling these formulas dangerous, sobrio they are authentic interpretations of Revelation.

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Many other texts speak of Jesus as Son and as Lord. And for his own part he adds: But the divinity of Jesus is clearly attested to in the passages of the New Testament to which we have referred. According to the Author, the person of Jesus as mediator cannot be absolutized, but must be contemplated in his relatedness sobrion the Kingdom of God, which is apparently considered to be something distinct from Jesus himself: It was determined that, although the author had modified his thought somewhat on several points, the Response did not prove satisfactory since, in substance, the errors already cited in the list of erroneous propositions still remained in this text.


This affirmation of Father Sobrino seems, at first glance, limited to the idea that Jesus did not attribute a salvific value to his death using the categories that the New Testament later employed. Item added jesucristo liberador jon sobrino your basket View basket. Already the New Testament affirms that Jesus is Lord, [12] and that all things are created through him.

Redemption thus seems reduced to the appearance of the homo verusmanifested in fidelity unto death. Published by Editorial Trotta, S.

Notification on the works of Father Jon Sobrino, SJ

For this reason, it was decided to publish this Notificationin order to offer the faithful a secure criterion, founded upon the doctrine of the Church, by which to judge the affirmations contained in these books or in other publications of the Author. The purpose of this Notification is precisely to make known to all the faithful the fruitfulness of theological reflection that does not fear being developed from within the living stream of ecclesial Tradition.

In a jesucrisho reading of these passages, Father Sobrino reflects the so-called theology of the homo assumptuswhich is incompatible jesucristo liberador jon sobrino the Catholic faith which affirms the unity of the person of Jesus Christ in two natures, divine and jesucristo liberador jon sobrino, according to the formulations of the Council of Ephesus, [7] and above all of the Council of Sobgino which said: