Kimpa Vita also called Dona Beatriz continued the resistance against the Portuguese slave traders. Prophetess Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz) (circa – ). Kimpa Vita (circa July 2, ), whose baptized name was Dona Beatriz, founded a religious sect known as the Antonians. The goal of this movement was . Vita kimpa was born in in the village called songololo, in the town of Bakongo at the time when the country was the Kingdom of Kongo Dia Ntotela.

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Anthony and used this claim to attempt to restore the ideal of Kongo as a unified Christian Kingdom. Later she fell ill and claimed that the spirit of saint Anthony possessed her. The people were astonished to hear what the young girl had recounted subsequently from that day Vita Kimpa grew in force and continued to preach about spirituality and manifested many miracles, raising the dead and healing the sick. He asked us if we wanted to hear the tradition in French, Portuguese or Kikongo Mbanza Kongo is very near the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and probably half the population is trilingual.

Pedro IV had her burned, but his own wife Hipolyta became a devotee.

Anthony entered her body and took over her life. Within the context of the political vvita and moral despair which gripped the kingdom in the late s and early s, several religious figures arose wishing to reunify the state and instill hope in the people.

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She seems to have had spiritual gifts even as a youth, and had dreams of playing with angels and visions and the like. Christianity grew further in the 16th century particularly under the reigns of Kings Alvaro I and Alvaro II who gave nobles titles such as Count, Duke and Marquis in the European manner. Compelled by the Christian God to announce his word to restore the viga through adherence to a vision of Catholicism that was set firmly within Jimpa history and geography. Watch Short Video about Kimpa Vita.


She was trying to end the war as much as anything else to the extent she confronted Nusamu a Mvemba on his lack of resolution to end the civil war, and he for his part would have arrested her kimppa a heretic, as indeed the Capuchin priest in his service, Bernardo da Gallo recommended.

Kimpa Vita was kinpa in her youth and so she seems to have had spiritual gifts even as a youth, she had dreams of playing with angels and visions and the like. Her execution was done following her capture as described above. These might have been written since the chruch was literate and perhaps formed a new scripture.

Kimpa Vita: African Prophetess | Kentake Page

I might have easily concluded that both his traditions and those Bockie heard as a youth were simply feed back stories made to surround an event known only from modern historical reconstruction. At the instigation of Capuchin missionaries, both she and the child were burned at the stake on July 2, Her message became so popular it could be called a Spiritual renaissance. Cecile Froment has recently competed a wonderful Ph. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was never a religion of conquest, and for that reason, the Kongos managed to make it their own without feeling they were abandoning or being forced to give up something.

The kings were all buried there, the cathedral was there and holding the city was in effect restoring the kingdom and presumably ending the civil war. Her movement became so strong that it threatened the influence of the Catholic Church amongst the African people; and this pits her against the church.

Since he chose his devotion to Beatriz as an opportunity to rebel, Cita IV, who had been guardedly neutral to her, kumpa decide to destroy her, all the more as his own wife, Hipolitahad become an Antonian convert. This article has multiple issues.

Kimpa Vita: African Prophetess

In there was a woman call Mama Mafuta, she possessed the Holy spirit of Tata Nzambia Mpungu and was given the mission to begin to preach in the name of Tata Nzambia Mpungu. Mama Vita Kimpa eased the tensions and was a guide to both Kings.

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Kipma healed people, and was able to make sterile women conceive. She died every Friday and went to spend the weekend in heaven where she met God personally and discussed such topics as Kongo politics. She kima a religious system that was set firmly within Kongo history and geography. Personal elaboration around a few set facts is a common point of oral tradition, and thus explaining things one receives from tradition or even from books can be expanded this way.

But enough on that. Viat, the only thing that we see in the correspondence of Kongolese kings that they do say good about Portugal was that it introduced them to the religion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She was the daughter of a noble Kongo family from the region right around Kibangu, a flat-topped mountain that lays some distance east of the capital of Mbanza Kongo on a clear day you can see that mountain from Mbanza Kongo.

They were not successful in the coastal province of Soyowhere the Prince expelled them, but they were much more successful in the dissident southern part of Soyo and Mbamba Lovata, which lay south of Soyo.

Her mission was to wake up the people of Kongo Dia Ntotela to stop the war between themselves and return kkmpa their God Tata Nzambia Mpungu.

Kimpa Vita of Kongo

Pedro was intrigued by her message himself. Beatriz came into this struggle on the Kongo side. Kimpa Vita circa July 2,whose baptized name was Dona Beatriz, founded a religious sect known as vifa Antonians.