Fenix LD10 R5 LED Flashlight The Fenix LD10 is a multi-purpose flashlight with 4 brightness levels that allow you to choose between maximizing your. Cette lampe peut produire lumens en mode turbo. Son autonomie exceptionnelle allant jusqu’à 34 heures (puissance 9 lumens) ravira professionnels et. Brand: Fenix Model: LD10 Lamp Beads: Cree R5 Beads Number: 1. Lumens Range: Lumens Luminous Flux: LM Feature: Lightweight,Stainless Steel.

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One thing that fenkx changed is the screw threads — they are now square-cut on both the tail and head sections. That is utterly impressive. Originally Posted by NightTime. I was born in the right decade Soft-press to advance to rapid Strobe. But the much higher Turbo output of the LDR4 is a real eye-opener.

Fit and finish are very good on my samples, with no flaws in the matte black type-III hard anodizing. The light instead runs max output direct-drive at all levels, and only enters regulation when the battery is almost exhausted. Rebel and XR-E seem at odds.

Fenix LD10 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight with CREE XP-G R5 LED Lumens – 1 x AA

How about low mode of LD10 on a zinc-chloride cell, medium lc10 of LD20 with 2 x zinc-chloride, low mode of LD20 on 2 x zinc-carbon You are a gentleman, and a flashlight scholar. Strobe frequency was measured at a very fast 14Hz.

If you are looking for a true moonlight mode, you will need to look elsewhere.


The belt pouch seems kind of cheap, compared to earlier Fenix pouches. But both regulation and runtime are top-of-the-line for this class of light 2xAA.

Thanks selfbuilt – another great bit of work I assumed the LD10 r4’s extra 12 in Turbo was minimal. One thing that really stands out for me is the greatly increased output of the LDR4 on Turbo on standard batteries i.

Image resizer by SevenSkins. But how long it will take is hard to predict — it depends on the exact Vf of your sample. As you can see above, my samples came with a smooth reflector, but I believe OP textured is also available. This is only noticeable at a distance — and only if you are looking for it. It is not at all distracting in this case. The LD20 should do acceptably. They seem to have used unobtainium in the driver circuit or something.

Fenix LD10 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight with CREE XP-G R5 LED 100 Lumens – 1 x AA

For General modes, starting with the bezel slightly loosened, click on to activate Lo mode. All times are GMT The super turbo mode is a nice surprise bonus to have. Yeah, I guess Fenix didn’t get a chance to optimize for the Rebel. If you wait longer than that, you will return to the first output state i. How do these new lights stack up to the competition? Last edited by MichaelW; at Feni the runtimes clearly indicate, lower output levels appear to be current-controlled.


No, I mean high mode, not turbo mode.

Now, you will need to stick with parts from this new generation. For comparison an Eneloop shows lm and a lm.

My box shows lm, “ho chi mama” feni bright. Selfbuilt’s New Year’s Sale Gratefully accepting donations to my battery fund. I think most users will be pleased to see how it has developed with the latest XP-G R4 output editions.

Fenixlight Limited

I am surprised at how, non perfectly flat, the turbo output is when using Eneloops. Otherwise, not much has changed from previous versions. Note that the reflectors are NOT user-swappable.

I accidentally put the wrong labels on the images below — they should all say LD Originally Posted lx10 Stereodude. You can directly compare all my relative output values from different reviews – i. High output runtime of new LD20 xp-g R4, also on alkaline. Lo and Med are the same as Hi at first. If you want to get into esoteric testing Another great day in flashlight history. Included inside the thin cardboard box with molded plastic insert is the light along with a manual, warranty card, titanium-coated clip, spare o-rings, extra black tailcap boot cover, wrist lanyard, and belt pouch with closing flap.