Leporinus frederici (Bloch, ) Leporinus friderici friderici (Bloch, ) Salmo friderici Bloch, BioLib link: Leporinus friderici · FishBase. Dorsal soft rays (total): 12; Anal soft rays: Scales in lateral line 35 + circumpeduncular 16; profile over orbits flat; teeth in the upper jaw 4 + 4, the cutting. Leporinus friderici (Bloch, ) (Characiformes, Anostomidae) is a freshwater fish commonly called “piava” or “piau-três-pintas” widely.

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Ftiderici by Binohlan, Crispina B. The second suggestion cannot be totally discarded, since fish species have specific tactics for spawning and development of the young and information about these behaviors is sparse, not only for L. More than just controlling river flow, damning a river simplifies the freshwater ecosystems and leads to conditions which change the parasite dynamic. In spite of the fact that the present fish community there is dominated by species of lentic environments, lotic species such as the dourado, piapara, and piau leporihus still caught by the commercial fishery of Itumbiara Godinho, friderrici Moderate vulnerability 38 of Statistical differences in infracommunity diversity Shannon-Wiener index among host populations from the three tributaries were tested using the Kruskal-Wallis test Zar How environmental stress affects the impact of parasites.


Medium, minimum population doubling time 1.

Spirocamallanus amarali and P. This result highlights that dams promote and facilitate the dispersal of organisms among localities, and therefore the spatial homogenization of parasite communities.

However, the present study did not find any distinct differences in parasite communities among populations of L.

Two new species of Leporinus Agassiz, Characiformes: Sofia, Bulgaria, Pensoft Publishers, p. Anadromous sea lampreys recolonize a marine coastal river tributary after dam removal. In Itaipu Reservoir, 21 sampling points were leporinuus, also grouped into subsystems: Phylogenetic signal in module composition and species connectivity in compartmentalized host-parasite networks. Hydropower and the future of Amazonian biodiversity. In the studied area, the effects of the Jurumirim Dam have been well documented for phytoplankton Henry et al.

Threespot Leporinus

The present study did not find any significant differences in parasite communities among populations of L. The reproductive strategy of a species depends upon the interaction between intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The highest values of this ratio were used as indicators of the breeding season. Homogenization of freshwater faunas. This condition has been commonly observed for other fish species Santos et al. Size-associated sexual dimorphism was observed, that is females dominated the longer length categories, and males the shorter.

Adults occur in ponds Ref. Henry R EdRepresa de Jurumirim: In response to environmental stressors, fish parasite communities can increase or decrease prevalence, abundance and diversity Lafferty and Kuris This showed that there was no pattern in leporinys of stored energy by L.


Although adult individuals were abundant in Itaipu, the largest catches of young fish were recorded in year 3, 7, and 15 following reservoir formation Figs. Although there are no studies on the relationship of fecundity and standard length in L.

August 29, ; Accepted: Therefore, the levels of parasitism observed among populations of L. Am Fish Soc Symp This site relies heavily on the help of hundreds of people without whose valuable contributions it simply wouldn’t exist.

Leporinus – Wikipedia

Fish parasites can have a positive role and are involved in most of the links of the food web and the flow of energy in aquatic ecosystems. But how do dams affect the parasitic fauna of such leporiinus In total, specimens of L.

Native range All suitable habitat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trends Ecol Evol Multivariate analysis of friderjci data. Unsurprisingly given this enormous range the fish exhibit certain differences in morphology and, especially, colour pattern depending on locality.