Support – JV Owner’s Manuals. Owner’s Manual. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Please read this document carefully before proceeding with. convenient reference. The documentation for the JV consists of two manuals: “Quick form without the written permission of ROLAND CORPORATION. 19 Oct Collection synthmanuals-roland; synthmanuals; manuals; additional_collections Identifier synthmanual-roland-jvowners-manual.

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The Patch Search function uses this rpland. The effect produced by modulating the pitch is known as “vibrato. Higher settings will produce a more spacious effect.

Delay Balance Specify the volume balance between the overdrive sound that does not pass through the delay and the overdrive sound that does pass through the delay. This type of filter cuts the portion that lies above the cutoff frequen- cy. With a setting of 20, each chorus sound will roland jv 2080 manual panned at 60 degree inter- vals relative to the center.

In this type, Tones 1 and 2 rolanc and 4 are independent.

This type sends the filtered manuql of each Tone through a ring modulator to gener- ate new overtones, and then mixes in the sound of Tone 2 4. Chorus Rate Specify the modulation frequency of the chorus sound.

Category Group Category Contents —. Mix Mix level Specify the volume of the phase-shifted sound, relative to the direct sound. This device ID number will appear as 17 mnaual the display of the JV A filter will not be used. PI Freq Peaking 1 frequency Specify the center frequency of the region in which the boost or cut will take place.

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The filter cuts a specific por- tion roland jv 2080 manual the frequency range to modify the bright- ness or thickness of the sound.

Full text of “Roland JV Owner’s Manual”

Wave Gain Specify the gain amplitude of the waveform. Select the key 1 octave above the currently selected key. Tones which are off will be indi- cated as “. Chorus Pre Delay Chorus pre delay time Specify the time delay from the original sound until j chorus sound is heard.

The filter setting is shown graphically in the lower left of the display. Rate LFO rate Specify the modulation frequency of the flanger sound.

Roland JV-2080 Owner’s Manual

Copying Settings from Some Other Part Part settings can be copied from a Part of another per- formance to a desired Part of the currently selected Performance. This setting will have a subtle effect on the way in which chords roland jv 2080 manual. Cut the frequency region below the Cutoff Freq setting.

Chorus Send Level Specify the depth of chorus. However, be aware that the following points are dif- ferent. The TVA of Tone 1 3 will con- trol roland jv 2080 manual volume balance of the two Tones to adjust die effect of the booster.


Pre Delay Pre delay time Specify the time delay from the original sound until the reverb is heard. Roland Corporation assumes no liability concerning such loss of data.


In this case, the changes of the TVA envelope will begin when you press the key, so in most cases only the decay portion will sound. When the cursor is located at the group: This creates the distortion effect frequently used roland jv 2080 manual electric guitars. Low Gain Specify roland jv 2080 manual gain amount of boost or cut for the low frequency range. Rate LFO rate Specify the modulation frequency of the wah effect. Balance Effect balance Specify the volume balance between the original sound and the flanger sound.

Transmit a Program Change message to the JV- The LFO will not be synchronized. Amp Type Amp simulator type Specify the type of guitar amp. Negative – set- tings will invert the shape of the envelope. This is valid only when the optional wave expansion board, such as “SR-JV Make settings in the General page of Effects.

When a Rhythm Set is selected, a drum phrase will sound. Make sure that a Patch is selected. The corresponding Effect Copy page will appear. Formatting a Memory Card After turning off the Protect switch, use the following procedure to format roland jv 2080 manual card.

Turn it ON if you wish to play using a temperament other than equal temperament.