Kitchen & Bathroom. Silestone Tops on Top Cindy Crawford. View Silestone Eternal Collection A unique Silestone’s collection. _. INTRODUCTION TO SILESTONE. _. SILESTONE. _. SILESTONE SPACES. _. THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION. _. CREATIVITY. Procurar catálogo completo. Projetando a sua Cozinha com o aplicativo da Caesarstone Brasil. The Visualiser. Projete seu espaço com as ferramentas.

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Cosentino Home Design is the best tool to help visualize all the latest Silestone and Dekton colors within various silestone catalogo. This book is an important symbol of Silestone’s 25th anniversary. International certifications for environmental commitment.

The Cosentino Group becomes the first company worldwide in the quartz countertop sector to obtain an Environmental Declaration of Products EPDsilestone catalogo certifies its Life-cycle analysis. We use a paper and ecological standards ccatalogo all the PLV material to promotion the product. They include more than productive processes and raw materials.

This represents a major revolution in the stone industry. ECO is very proud to state that these certifications are only awarded to those products meeting very strict requirements. Online Visualizer Silestone catalogo your layout with Silestone catalogo Visualizer.

The app allows you to watch the latest videos about the silestine, access brochures and technical documents.

Awards Silestone catalogo certifications for environmental commitment. Ctalogo Cosentino, the sustainability and eco friendly methods are basic principles. Colors are categorized by series and shades and can be viewed in our catalog or online gallery.


During all the ECO fabrication processes we follow sustainable and eco friendly methods by minimizing the use of paper. Choose from one of six layout silestone catalogo, including a classic or modern kitchen, two different bath environments and two exteriors.

Silestone – líder en superficies de cuarzo, encimeras de baño y cocina

Dekton is revolutionary product in the architecture silestone catalogo design world, Dekton is an ultra-compact surface that offers advanced performance characteristics with the ability to be used indoors and outdoors, horizontal or vertical.

Add the whole Silestone catalogo Bath collection for your bathrooms and you have all you need to create your dream space.

Within Cosentino Home Design you will be able to select the materials for countertops datalogo flooring from the whole Silestone and Dekton ranges. Construction and architectural projects using this system slestone awarded with LEED credits, taking into account five green design categories: These are an ecological alternative to similar surfaces available for construction and design applications.

Where to buy Locate your nearest Silestone distributor. These materials undergo a thorough cleaning, filtering, and silestone catalogo process. Last year, Cosentino Group was analyzed silestone catalogo these strict evaluations, not only for the environmental impact of ECO production silestone catalogo factories, but also all of its indirect and associated processes.

View all the colors in our catalog and silestone catalogo gallery for more design inspiration. Silstone New Zealand Other Countries. Silestone is available in more than 90 colors, Silestone inspires artistic and functional design for classic and modern kitchens, bathrooms and architectural projects.

Bancadas para cozinha – Caesarstone

Australia New Zealand Other Countries. Post-consumer materials which have reached the end of their useful life and Post-industrial materials, from factories, manufacturing waste or products surplus to the manufacturing process. Silestone catalogo to buy Locate your sliestone Silestone distributor. This cookbook “25 Years of Iconic Spanish Cooking” silestone catalogo recipes from 25 prestigious Spanish chefs.


Inspiring Surfaces for Living

Eco Production Process 1 The raw materials are supplied by commercial organizations who silestone catalogo in waste management. The App also has a locator in order to find your nearest dealer. The LEED rating system is also recognized in many countries throughout the world. It investigates and evaluates the environmental impacts of a product or service during all stages of its existence extraction, production, distribution, use and waste.

Other Countries South Africa. Silestone catalogo to Cradle, a philosophy. Certifies efficient use of raw materials, industrial water systems, chemical substances and the control of environmental risks. Environmental Declaration of Products. Other Countries Silestone catalogo Africa.

Online Visualizer Design your layout with Online Visualizer. You can apply them in six different environments.

Encimeras de Silestone

LEED promotes design and construction practices which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. A surface designed for a future of sustainable construction. This certification assures the low silestone catalogo of volatile organic compounds into the environment.