Grade 6–10—Matt Cruse, the hero of Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn (Eos, ), returns in this marvelous action-packed sequel (Eos, ). Matt lives in Paris and is. 25 Feb If I had to sum up Kenneth Oppel’s Skybreaker in just a few words, it would be those above. Matt Cruse has made his place in my heart as one. A legendary ghost ship. An incredible treasure. A death-defying adventure. Forty years ago, the airship Hyperion vanished with untold riches in its hold. Now.

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Of course there are special dangers working at 20, feet and a special airship is required to successfully reach these heights. Enter Captain Hal Slater, his ship, Sagarmathaa couple of real Sherpas, a gypsy girl with the golden key, skybreaker kenneth oppel because 20, feet wouldn’t be cold enough, the ghost ship is over Antarctica making the excitement and danger all the more.

A great deal of this has to do with the protagonist being such a wonderful, upstanding, young man who tries his hardest to do what’s right, and questions himself when he falls short even if his failings were not from his own actions. If you know any reluctant male readers, recommend these books to them. Matt begins to accept romantic advances from Nadira which culminates in a kiss between them in the crow’s nest.

I thought this was a great addition to the triogly. I enjoy the way Skybreaker kenneth oppel writes, and the steam punk, Victorian-inspired world he creates is just my kind of thing.

Matt escapes with a gypsy girl named Nadira who claims to have a key that works on the Hyperion and proposes her own plan to skybreaker kenneth oppel it. It’s skybreaker kenneth oppel great rollicking adventure, but it feels a bit to formulaic, especially the romance part. Although Kate temporarily allays Matt’s fears, he sees her develop an increasing rapport with Hal and becomes jealous. The storm shoots them really high, and that is when they see The aerozoans kill Barton and all of the pirates except for Rath who decides to scuttle the Hyperion before anyone can leave with the blueprints.

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Jun 06, Melissa Michelle rated it it was amazing. Forty years ago, the airship Hyperion vanished with untold riches in its hold.


Skybreaker (Matt Cruse, #2) by Kenneth Oppel

They lose the blueprints, but ultimately get away with 40 gold bars, found in a compartment of the ornithopter. I liked the act “Skybreaker” is a hydrium-powered airship with Everest altitude capability owned by debonair Captain Hal. Kids, adults who like kid books etc.

skybreaker kenneth oppel

This book is supposed to take place in the somewhat close future if airships weren’t turned down. They join a mysterious gypsy named Nadria and a rich, important man named Slater to seek a year-old ghost ship called the Hyperion ; and a chance to skybreaker kenneth oppel it’s ippel, they are the first humans to set eyes on it besides the now skybreaker kenneth oppel captain of the ship, Grunel. Nov 08, Rick Riordan rated it it was amazing. When Matt tries skybreaker kenneth oppel read a set of blueprints he finds in a canister, Hal angrily objects and sends the canister into one of the ship’s pneumatic tubes.

But 20, feet above the Earth’s surface, pursued by those who have hunted the Hyperion since its disappearance, and surrounded by deadly high-altitude life forms, Matt and his companions soon find themselves opel not only for the Hyperion —but for their very lives. It continues the adventures of young airship student Matt Cruse, and Kate de Vries, a budding scientist. Matt and Nadira search for a Skybreaker named the Sagarmatha moored in Paris, but when they find it, they learn that Hal is the captain.

Great characterisation, a fun idea and a clever plot as always.

Skybreaker first edition cover. Kate chastises Matt for damaging kkenneth ship as their relationship continues to falter. Matt knows this is terribly dangerous and skybreaker kenneth oppel sickness begins to consume the crew.

This is what they should be making into a film, rather than messing about with the next Harry Potter clone. Matt, Kate, Nadira and Kate’s chaperone, Ms. This brings the Sagarmatha skybreaker kenneth oppel “Skyberia”, a cold and desolate area around the Antarctic.

Oct 22, Alexandra rated it skybreaker kenneth oppel was amazing Shelves: Perhaps because he has always felt he belongs to the sky, Matt is ultimately the only one among them capable of any conscious thought or action and while the captain greedily, groggily mutters “keep ascending! However, the second half of the book more than made up skybreaker kenneth oppel that and I was rapt, so very curious as to what would happen, all the way to the end.

Matt initially declines skybreaker kenneth oppel changes his mind when he overhears a warm conversation between Kate and a wealthy acquaintance named Hal Slater. Oct 12, Peter rated it liked it Shelves: My one problem with this series remains: In terms of a book, it followed skybreaker kenneth oppel a linear model, with a great mysterious plot, developing characters, clever plot-comebacks, and of course, romantic subplots because who doesn’t like those two together? While I loved, loved the first book in this series, this book didn’t impress me as much.



Looking forward to reading the third in the series, Starclimber. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

During one of the training missions however, the ship Matt is on, the Flotsam rises thousands of feet into the air by mishap, reaching above the clouds and showing him a glimpse of the Hyperion a ship of legend missing for forty years.

Skybreaker kenneth oppel shoots the glass to free the remaining three aerozoans and escapes with Kate during the distraction. The book, and skybreaker kenneth oppel the previous book in the series if this becomes a series is about airships – I have not read the previous book, but there is enough detail in this book that it is not totally necessary to have skybreaker kenneth oppel kenheth first to understand the second.

She still has some growing up oppeel do but her love of science and exploration reignites those feelings in myself. The story begins with a bang as Matt Cruse finds himself in the midst of a storm while on board an skyybreaker. It really was all that and skybreaker kenneth oppel. Recommended to Ravi by: View all 6 comments. Their App is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Ugh I got tired of Matt’s “she loves me, she loves me not”. The very ship he and his newfound partner Nadira mean to hire is the same ship Kate has already hired, its owner the very man Matt spied in her house. The altidude is a deadly 20, feet and they only have a few hours to search the ship before evil sky pirates f This time, Matt Cruse and Kate di Veris are embarking on a near skybreaker kenneth oppel, breathtaking journey.

All Airship Academy students are assigned a training vessel for two weeks, and as part of his training, Matt is assigned to partake in journeys made by the training vessel.