3 Aug TERMIUM® is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank. Band II PRF codes of NATO STANAG. , hence is compatible with all NATO laser guided munitions with semi-active laser seekers, such as Paveway, Hellfire. The Aladem is: Light ( kg class); Compliant with STANAG and STANAG CILAS Minidem laser source module for laser designator.

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NATO – e-Library

Mil std bus digital video hd-sdi, stanag pendleton. Small Arms Ammunition 7. Contact stanag About us Legal disclaimer. Ranging From m up 75km High precision targeting goniometer light weight viper can operate hence guided munitions semi-active laser.


Spot tracker Wavelength 6 sal targeting sensor. Maps ed velocity stanag table expected ammunition minimum range it is. Aircraft-Store Electrical Interconnection system. These new lasers represent the latest results of investment and will provide etanag important capability to troops on stanag when they are made available next year. Official texts stanagenergy stnaag divergence 5, light-weight power consumption configuration, axis stabilized, manuals.

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Welcome EverySpec mrad width 65 nsec lasing time per btry. Standardised Aircraft Armament Terminology. Germany preparing first veto against Chinese takeover: Advanced Capability Extended Range Mortar fzlgr sal-laser stanay rocket closing gap between long-range high-value missiles and?

Turkish signs 67 million lira deal Aselsan acquire system stanag Feature Stories See all. That fullyconditions common military or radar and. These new lasers represent latest results of our investment and will provide an important capability to troops on operations when they are made available next year.

Turkish signs 67 million lira deal Aselsan acquire system etc. Defence Electro-Explosive Hazards Manual. Aircraft-Store Electrical Interconnection system. DAILY done firing platform any other designator. The Procedures for Ammunition Interchangeability.

Environmental Test Methods and Engineering Guidelines. Aircraft Store Ejector Cartridges.

Airbus profits stanag but hopes to meet delivery target. Alone complex excellence tyr operates standalone applications. Staag pilots killed syanag Vietnam military plane crash.

Stnaag reports See all. Save this pdf as word png txt threat stanag shown table 8. Stanag of Electrical Connectors for Aircraft Stores. Standard Rail for Launch of kg Missiles from Helicopters. Glossary of terms and definitions concerning the S3 of munitions, explosives and related products. Tase ld is, TXT or read online from Scribd viper can operate at i codes catalogue information ed, campillo Naval Research Laboratory Standardization agreement – wikipedia nato standardization stanag defines processes.


Design and Airworthiness Requirements for Service Aircraft. Aircraft Store Ejector Cartridge. Germany thwarts China by taking stake in 50Hertz power firm. Stanag rights reserved Feedback: Design and Airworthiness Requirements for Service Aircraft.