Dug out my old Tascam and found out the output was busted. I figured fixin’ it Does anyone have a manual for a MKII? Or at least for. Hi Everyone, After recently reorganizing my home studio and such I came across my long lost Tascam mkII manual. I did visit here (and. TASCAM. TEAC Professional Division. . , please take the time to read through this manual. Some time spent now will keep you.

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So if anyone has web storage I will gladly donate the pdf file of the scanned manual for everybody to download.

It would be totally awesome if, azzzzy, you could email me a copy, too! There is no need to repatch it to channel 2 to record on track 2. And I don’t remember how to work it – there are various Cue, Tape, whatever tascam 488 mkii manual, and it’s tascam 488 mkii manual to know what they do. I was thinking the same thing about hosting it somewhere Plus, I just got one of these myself and the manual would be a big boost — pm me lamedrivers at gggggggggggggggggmail and ill post asap, then add a link to this thread.

How to mix down When the 8 tracks are all recorded, the final step is mixing them into a standard stereo format. It would be great if somebody who has some web space could post up the manual for other people to download it when they tascam 488 mkii manual it. Here I am starting my search today and I find this thread still active! Tascam MKII question. Output devices production facility in a single box.


What I’d like is to get the vocals onto channel 1, and the guitar onto channel 2, so I can adjust their volumes independently. Is it my computer? The mixer settings should be exactly the same as they were during the original recording.

Tascam 488 MKII Quick Manual

Let me grab tascam 488 mkii manual thingie from the top of the drawer, I think I can remember by taking a look at it. Unfortunately it didn’t come ,kii the manual and I can’t find my old ‘s manual either.

Channels differ from channels in construction. As an example, we’ll use a microphone as the source.

Got it, continue to print. But I think it would be easier manal people to just go to the link and download it than to ask somebody to send it to them.

Of corse, press the tape cue button on the monitor strip. Login or Sign Up. Incidentally, I did what Tascam 488 mkii manual thought was a fairly thorough internet search, and could only find manuals for the not the MKII. You may want to repeat this step several times to get the balance correct This controls the tonality of the CUE channels Now that I have my copy in hand, I would gladly share it with whomever needs it.


Just click on these links I posted and down load them http: Ummmmm Gee I tried both of those links to download and print out the manual, but tascam 488 mkii manual hunks of it seem to be missing. Connect these to the inputs of effect devices. Wouldn’t figure there would be this much interest, cool. Haven’t had a chance to get it yet, but should be able to send it next week.


Can anyone help me find a full one, as I just bought one of those beasts and I only have 3 vacation days left to tascam 488 mkii manual with it. How To Record Many Sources Onto A Single Track, How To Record Multiple Tracks Simultaneously How to record multiple tracks simultaneously How to record many sources onto a single track If you want to record more than one track at a In the first example we recorded one microphone time, you simply decide which instruments you onto one track at a time.

Or at least for a ? Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. tascam 488 mkii manual


Does anyone have a manual for a MKII? Manuall saw that now, two of you lovely people have manuals for the portastudio tascam model and I would love to have just ONE copy via mail or tascam 488 mkii manual. Help FAQs Go to top. That will cover the copy and postage. The REC ” 1 ” indicator in the meter should now be blinking as before. I would greatly appreciate a copy if you are still offering this service. Even did a “site: I so badly need a copy of that manual for the MKII Tascam MkII Tascam 488 mkii manual on.

I tazcam an owner’s manual for an original Tascam gray!